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The After‐Action Report required a documentation of the Channel Training efforts in the East Grand Lake study area including identification of past and present environmental and hydraulic conditions, and past and present features. The report provided a detailed description of the Atchafalaya Basin Floodway, including the role and function of the Atchafalaya Basin, LA project and a description of the Channel Training and other pertinent efforts of the Corps program. Specific documentation of the Channel Training program included program authorities and funding sources, a timeline of Channel Training elements, and descriptions of associated efforts including data collection and modeling. Gaea organized and arranged all information currently existing as published and unpublished sources into one complete document of Channel Training activities.  For each individual element of the Channel Training program, we provided a detailed biography that included a timeline of all activities, the intended and current form, function, and impact of each element, and a description of the linkages between elements. Document collection efforts included field site surveys, archival research, and personal interviews with Corps employees involved in the development and construction of the Channel Training program.


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