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Developers of Federal City hired Gaea to inspect the sanitary sewer, water, and storm drainage systems in preparation of turning the systems over to the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.  Gaea’s main tasks were sewer manhole inspections, storm drain structure inspections, smoke testing of sewer and drainage pipes, CCTV of selected sewer and drainage pipes, water valve inspections, fire hydrant inspections and flow tests, and waterline isolation testing.  Besides completing the field work for this project, coordination played a large role in the successful completion of the tasks.  In order to complete the project under the strict timeline given, Gaea coordinated on a day-to-day basis with the client, the Sewerage and Water Board, the Navy base, and subconsultants who performed the smoke testing and CCTV tasks.  This included daily status updates, daily updates of out-of-date facility maps of the Navy base utilities, weekly project status and coordination meetings, and daily updates on field crew names and schedules of both Gaea employees and our subconsultants for security clearance to the base. For each structure on the base, Gaea completed a form with the details of the inspection per Sewerage and Water Board requirements.

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