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Gaea Consultants performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Wetlands Determination for the expansion of Veterans Boulevard from Loyola Drive to the Parish line in Kenner, Louisiana.  Gaea conducted the site visit, obtained soil and vegetation samples from the field, interviewed business owners adjacent to the project site, and prepared environmental documentation for submittal to regulatory agencies for approval of the proposed project.  Gaea performed additional data searches outside of customary database reviews to locate historic maps of the area prior to its present landscape in order to document its urbanization.  Additionally we consulted FEMA records to ascertain flooding and other hazards experienced in the vicinity of the project boundaries.   We met with representatives from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development regarding the Environmental Assessment needed for approval of this project through the Federal Highway Administration environmental and regulatory requirements.  We recorded meeting minutes and submitted quarterly progress reports.  We also assisted with stakeholder outreach and solicitation of views letters and mailings.


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